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Created May 15, 2022 07:58
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Split an audio file into multiple files given a list of timestamps exported from out of an Ableton set.
import subprocess
track_fn = 'audio.wav'
timestamps_fn = 'timestamps.csv'
with open(timestamps_fn) as f:
lines =
lines = [e.split(',')[2] for e in lines]
cmd_string = 'ffmpeg -hide_banner -loglevel error -i {tr} -acodec copy -ss {st} -to {en} {nm}'
for i,(a,b) in enumerate(zip(lines,lines[1:])):
nm = str(i).zfill(2) + '-' + track_fn
cmd = cmd_string.format(tr=track_fn, st=a, en=b, nm=nm)
print(cmd), shell=True)
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