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Exquisite corpse journey through the memorable phrases (some punctuation manually added).
it is incredible!
i am incredible!
the flashy sparks of her idea!
the reverent specker!
there is no feeling of decision?
and in the precaution night?
it is a position of decision.
that is a position of place.
i am not all, this is not the place.
i am not all in the question.
wild and unquestioning, the receipt of his power is.
moved with powerful conscience.
it is the conscience of this precision.
it is not a most precisely the precision.
it is in the precision.
precision and curiosity.
there is a flight of the curiosity.
words as a fair flight of a permanent tone.
a lazy humiliation to refute into the permanent fully --
the strange, still like a strong humiliation.
it is not so, indeed a strange sincerity.
i can not be sure that i have a strange sincerity.
i am not, surely, say to you,
i have forgotten to say.
i will not, forgotten to consider.
it is a single consideration.
she has been so much sometimes, say
it is not, sometimes been presumptions.
it is sometimes, seem something in this, and indefinite to explain.
a subject i have not, try to explain.
herewith the subject, to show the honest of the own prife.
love in its honesty of enough.
a love of secpent obscure.
the love was like a soul of a shower.
surpassing with love and ered and apprehensive strange.
the subject of a resourceful love is which i think it here.
a lovely characteristic facts.
flippant love.
flippant with every memory of the acknowledgment.
the moon and memory of her bright as the grave.
the moon of the stars of the soul.
like a handsome moon, shine the moon.
handsome, anxiety, and pervading.
denial then anxiety.
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