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Two-chord mystery

At 0:37 into this track generated by a machine learning algorithm, there are two high-pitched bell-like very jazzy chords that arpeggiate from the higher to the lower notes.

The rest of the track is Cm, and my best guess for these chords is:

  1. Db Eb F Ab Bb (Db69)
  2. Eb F G Bb (Ebadd9)
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jackrusher commented May 5, 2020

I'm hearing a strong F in the bass doubled at two octaves, so I'm building the chord with F in the root:
F F Db Eb F Ab -> Fm7 with the Db acting as a #5 passing tone that pivots down to C, the 5th, then back up to Db as Bb appears and the Eb disappears:
Bb Db Ab -> Bbm7
... but then reappears in the bass:
Eb F G C -> Eb6/9 (no 5th)
For me, most of the movement feels like it's coming from the Db - C - Bb inner melody.

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