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How to Learn Google Apps Script

Learning Google Apps Script

Find the best resources for learning Google Apps Script, the glue that connects all GSuite services including Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Google Sheets, Forms, Maps, Analytics and more.

A good place to learn more about Google Apps Script is the official documentation available at Here are other Apps Script resources that will help you get up to speed.

  1. Google Apps Script Code Samples by Amit Agarwal
  2. Google Apps Script Development - Create Google Apps Script projects locally inside VS Code - video tutorial
  3. Awesome Google Scripts by Amit Agarwal
  4. Google Developer Experts - Follow Apps Script GDEs on Twitter
  5. Google Groups - The official Apps Script community
  6. StackOverflow Answers - Got a question? Ask here
  7. Apps Script Examples - by Martin Hawksey
  8. Known Issues & Bugs - Report a bug here.
  9. Apps Script Blastoff! - Introductory course by Ben Collins
  10. Github Awesome Series by Alex Ivanov

This resource is maintained by Amit Agarwal (Google Developer Expert, GSuite and Google Apps Script). Send me a tweet @labnol to suggest another resource.

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amin616 commented Jan 19, 2019

very good thanks

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Hi @labnol,
There's a broken link for item 5.
Suggested change: remove www.
New line: 5. [O'Reilly - Apps Script]( - by +James Ferreira

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labnol commented Jun 4, 2019

Thanks. Fixed!

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Hi Amit
I am a fan of your work ( youtube playlists )

I am using it a lot.

I am wondering if this code is open source?

I have an idea to be added to the code:
I think it is good I idea if you can add a code to check if the list and the elements exist or not because you use the script twice it will make a duplicate element’s in the list.

Emad Bahattab

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vpn required to access your website . whats the problem

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