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Olivier Burri lacan

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lacan / Parallel_HistrogramEqualize_All_Slices
Last active Nov 3, 2020
[Parallel Histrogram-Based Normalization] This performs Histogram Based Normalization on all slices of an open stack based on the selected reference slice #fiji #imageJ #histogram #BIOP
View Parallel_HistrogramEqualize_All_Slices
#@ ImagePlus image
#@ Integer ( label = "Channel to correct (in case of multichannel images)", value = 1 ) ch_correct
#@ Integer ( label = "Reference Slice", value = 1 ) ref_slice
#@ Boolean ( label = "Use Manual Normalization Parameters Below", value = false ) is_normalize
#@ Integer ( Label = "Minimum" ) the_min
#@ Integer ( Label = "Maximum" ) the_max
// This variable will help us at the end to add the normalized channel back
def all_images = []
lacan / FWHM.ijm
Created Nov 3, 2020
[1D Full Width At Half Maximum] This computes the Full Width at Half Maximum FWHM in an image for anz line profile drawn on the image and added to the ROI manager #fiji #imageJ #BIOP #FWHM
View FWHM.ijm
* Calculate 1D Full Width at half Maximum of a single line or a series of lines added to the ROI Manager
* Created by Olivier Burri and Romain Guiet, BioImaging & Optics Platform (BIOP)
* Last Update: 2020.10.21
* Due to the simple nature of this code, no copyright applies
* Installation
* ------------
* From within Fiji Please use "Plugins > Macros > Install" and select this file
lacan / FlatField_And_Stitch.groovy
Last active Oct 22, 2020
[Flatfield correction followed by stitching] Performs a flatfield correction and stitching from Raw LIF, CZI and LSM files using plugins in Fiji #Fiji #Stitching #Groovy #Flatfield #LIF #LSM #CZI #BIOP
View FlatField_And_Stitch.groovy
* Flatfield correction followed by stitching
* It is often the case that tiled microscopy images contain artifacts due to uneven illumination.
* This is due to the shape of the illumination, the quality of the optics and the size of the field of view, but
* losses of up to 50% can be seen between the periphery and the center of a field of view. This loss usually follows
* a parabolic function, but is not necessarily centered, causing artifacts when stitching tiled acquisitions
* While many methods exist to compensate for this, the simplest consists in acquiring a 'flat field' image by
* taking a homogeneous sample (Chroma slides or even better, dye solutions []) and acquiring it for each channel of the dataset
lacan / HoughIncompleteCirclesSEM.ijm
Created Sep 3, 2020
[Use of Hough Transform to locate incomplete circles in images] This script segments SEM images containing pores and tries to fit circles to the result
View HoughIncompleteCirclesSEM.ijm
// Hough Transform to find circles,
// Author: Olivier Burri, from a request of the forum:
// Due to the simple nature of this code, no copyright applies
#@ImagePlus image
#@Double hough_threshold (value=0.55)
// SOme housekeeping
lacan / Local_Thickness_Parallel.groovy
Last active Oct 22, 2020
[Run Fiji Local Thickness in Parallel] this script can crop blob-like objects in an image using `Find Maxima` and runs `Local Thickness` on each cropped image. #fiji #imagej #imagesc #localthickness #BIOP
View Local_Thickness_Parallel.groovy
* This script computes local thickness on binary images which (optionally) contain an ROI to be analyzed
* The goal is to run local thickness in parallel to detect blob like structures that are quite far apart from each other.
* To achieve this, we scale down the original image, blur it, detect maxima
* Each maxima is then used as the center of a box to crop the original image
* Each cropped image is processed in parallel for local thickness
* Reply to an forum post:
* Licensed under BSD 3 license
* Copyright Olivier Burri 2020
* Copyright 2020 Olivier Burri
lacan / CountSpots1NearSpots0.groovy
Created Jul 6, 2020
Fiji Spot Counting Example
View CountSpots1NearSpots0.groovy
// Script for computing distances from modern spot counter ROIs in Fiji
// Created by Olivier Burri, EPFL BioImaging & Optics Platform, EPFL - BIOP
// ( for @Gabriel on the forum
// Due to the simple nature of this code, no license applies
#@ImagePlus imp
#@Double distance (label="Distance [um]", value=20)
// Get ROIs
lacan / Export Annotations For Stardist.groovy
Last active Nov 15, 2020
[QuPath Script To Export Annotations For Stardist] this script will take rectangular annotations in QuPath and export them and their containing objects as images and masks for deep neural netowrk training #qupath #stardist #BIOP
View Export Annotations For Stardist.groovy
Exports Annotations for StarDist (Or other Deep Learning frameworks)
You will need to install the BIOP Extension for QuPath which contains methods needed to run this code
lacan / BigStitcher_Flip_Axes.groovy
Last active Oct 28, 2019
[BigStitcher Flip Axes] Implements the Flip Axes Command from BigStitcher in a Macro Recordable Way #SPIM #BigStitcher #Fiji #Groovy
View BigStitcher_Flip_Axes.groovy
* Implements the Flip Axes Command from BigStitcher
* Recommendation is to place this file in
* [FIJI Folder]/plugins/Scripts/Plugins/BigStitcher/Custom Scripts
* By Olivier Burri for Kai Schleicher,
* BSD 3 License
lacan / find_delaunay_neighbors_distance_demo.ijm
Last active Dec 8, 2018
[Neighbors from Delaunay] Find Average Neighbor Distance From Delaunay Triangulation Demo #ImageJ #Fiji #Macro
View find_delaunay_neighbors_distance_demo.ijm
* Demo of using Delaunay triangulation to find average inter-neighbor distances
* In reply to ImageJ forum post:
* Olivier Burri, EPFL BIOP (BioImaging And Optics Platform)
* May 1st 2018
* Provided as-is under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
lacan / Histogram_Matching_Parallel.groovy
Last active Oct 22, 2020
[Parallel Histogram Matching for Stacks] #Groovy #Fiji #ImageJ
View Histogram_Matching_Parallel.groovy
//@File (label="Directory with file(s)", style="directory" ) theDir
//@Integer (Label="Channel To Correct") ch_correct
//@Boolean (label="Use Normalization Parameters Below") is_normalize
//@Integer (Label="Minimum") the_min
//@Integer (Label="Maximum") the_max
* Image stack equalizer for image folder
* The purpose of this script is to use the histogram of the first slice of the first image
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