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Twitch chat with irssi - June 2020
Tested working 15 Jun 2020, irssi version 1.2.2
This is a TLDR version of
Get your OAuth token (password) here:
# Network setup:
/network add -nick YOUR_TWITCH_USERNAME Twitch
/server add -auto -ssl -network Twitch 6697 YOUR_OAUTH_TOKEN
/network add -autosendcmd "/quote CAP REQ" Twitch
/ignore jtv
# Manually connect (or just restart irssi):
/connect Twitch
# Automatically join channels:
/channel add -auto #channel Twitch
# Manually join channel:
/join #channel

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@irishgordo irishgordo commented Aug 4, 2020

This is short and sweet!
Thank ya for the nice TL;DR!

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