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how to convert/port gensim word2vec to tensorflow projector board.
# required tensorflow 0.12
# required gensim 0.13.3+ for new api model.wv.index2word or just use model.index2word
from gensim.models import Word2Vec
import tensorflow as tf
from tensorflow.contrib.tensorboard.plugins import projector
# loading your gensim
model = Word2Vec.load("YOUR-MODEL")
# project part of vocab, 10K of 300 dimension
w2v_10K = np.zeros((10000,300))
with open("./projector/prefix_metadata.tsv", 'w+') as file_metadata:
for i,word in enumerate(model.wv.index2word[:10000]):
w2v_10K[i] = model[word]
file_metadata.write(word.encode('utf-8') + '\n')
# define the model without training
sess = tf.InteractiveSession()
with tf.device("/cpu:0"):
embedding = tf.Variable(w2v_10K, trainable=False, name='prefix_embedding')
saver = tf.train.Saver()
writer = tf.summary.FileWriter('./projector', sess.graph)
# adding into projector
config = projector.ProjectorConfig()
embed= config.embeddings.add()
embed.tensor_name = 'fs_embedding:0'
embed.metadata_path = './projector/prefix_metadata.tsv'
# Specify the width and height of a single thumbnail.
projector.visualize_embeddings(writer, config), './projector/prefix_model.ckpt', global_step=10000)
# open tensorboard with logdir, check localhost:6006 for viewing your embedding.
# tensorboard --logdir="./projector/"

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diepdao commented Dec 28, 2016

I got this error: AttributeError: 'Word2Vec' object has no attribute 'wv'
What is your gensim version?


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diepdao commented Dec 28, 2016

Fix this error "'Word2Vec' object has no attribute 'wv'" by change model.wv.index2word -> model.index2word (remove 'vw). My gensim version is 0.13.3



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lampts commented Dec 29, 2016

Tx, I have updated required gensim version and how to load it using tensorboard in CLI.


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cbienpourtoi commented May 11, 2017

When using this code, tensorboard always shows "Point: Loading... | Dimensions: Loading...". Any idea what is happening ?




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hanneshapke commented May 16, 2017

Ran into the same issue on TF 1.1.0. Tried different model sizes, but experienced the same issue ("loading ...").
@cbienpourtoi Did you have any luck getting it to work?


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rodrigoccurvo commented May 19, 2017

For anyone stuck in the "loading...", I got it to work by setting the tensor name the same as the 'name' parameter, for example changing:

embed.tensor_name = 'fs_embedding:0'
embed.tensor_name = 'prefix_embedding'

My code had other changes, but that is probably the relevant part.


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tomasn4a commented May 19, 2017

Hey @rodrigoccurvo , thanks so much for the fix, that did it. However I can only see the indices instead of the actual words, did you run into a similar issue by any chance?


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hanneshapke commented May 23, 2017

Hi @rodrigoccurvo, thank you for sharing the fix. Great embedding visualization!


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amitmanchanda1995 commented Jun 5, 2017

Hi @lampts can you please add the dependency of numpy in code.


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Adamage commented Jun 17, 2017

@rodrigoccurvo Hey, can you tell me what other changes you needed to input? I still am stuck at loading...


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BrikerMan commented Jul 30, 2017

Here are several small errors such as metadata file path, I have fixed at here Thanks a lot~
@Adamage fixed the loading problem.


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dterg commented Aug 21, 2017

@BrikerMan I get the error "w2x_metadata.tsv is not a file" with your fixes. Couldn't figure out what could be the cause; any ideas?

EDIT: modifying the original as commented above worked in the end. Cheers.


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paintception commented Sep 7, 2017

The cause of my "Point: Loading... | Dimensions: Loading..." error was related to the fact that my laptop doesn't support WebGl...Dunno if it can be someone else's reason of failure though.
Also be aware that if you're running tensorboard in the Virtualbox lots of functionalities will not work.

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