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Async Spring 2015 Show'n'Tell

Thursday 19th February, 2015

Speakers gist

Would you like to speak on the night? You'll have five minutes to tell us about something: a project, a library, a technique, a story, or anything else about JavaScript, related tech (HTML, CSS, SVG, etc), or the wider world of web.

Please leave a comment below (you can use Markdown if you want) and include:

  • Your name
  • Your main website, if you have one
  • Twitter username, if you have one
  • A sentence or two about your talk
  • Any relevant links
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cham commented Feb 12, 2015

Dan Neame
I can demo my Audio Landscape vis, which generates 3d terrain from MP3s

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Julian Weaver
I can show a chrome extension that reflows dodgy UX on a site I needed to use extensively: A brief intro to CRX as a utility.
crx developer site

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Yann Eves
I can introduce a recent-ish obsession with the world of eSports and specifically DotA, a popular title in this realm, that's become a new resolve and satisfies my data nerd needs.
Dotabuff Profile

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Alastair Lockie
I'll do a slightly unconventional talk - about doing speeches. I'll be offering tips and tricks on how to put together a great speech, hopefully inspiring would-be Async-ers to make the leap!

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benji6 commented Feb 16, 2015

Ben Hall
I can talk about a synthesizer I've been building and give a little introduction to the Web Audio API

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James Da Costa
I'll be talking about some recent experiments with voice automation

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