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The cart icon doesn't update when adding items

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to a product page e.g.
  2. See that the cart icon on top right (desktop) shows X items
  3. Click "add to cart" button

Current behaviour

The cart icon still shows X items but after reload it updates.

Expected behaviour

The cart icon shows shows X+1 items immediately

Relevant logs and/or screenshots (optional)


Other comment (optional)

We need to hit 88mph for the flux capacitor to work

Reported by


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larsenwork commented Jan 11, 2018

The way it works is I've created a HelloSkinner user and then added links to 1Password.

screen shot 2

And this is what they see when going to Bug (new)

gitlab com_helloskin_backlog_issues_new_issuable_template bug

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