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larsiusprime /
Last active Jan 23, 2019
Store comparison chart
Feature Steam Epic Discord Kartridge
Redemption keys Yes Yes Yes Yes
Friends list Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
In-game purchases (mtx) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Refunds within 2 weeks Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mac Yes Yes No Yes
Linux Yes No No No
larsiusprime / AABB.hx
Last active May 24, 2018
Defender's Quest Performance Profiling References
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package com.leveluplabs.tdrpg.qtree;
import com.leveluplabs.tdrpg.Popup_OverworldMenu;
import flixel.util.FlxDestroyUtil.IFlxDestroyable;
import flixel.util.FlxPool;
* ...
* @author larsiusprime
class AABB implements IFlxDestroyable
View modified Sys.cpp function
sys_create_dir : string -> mode:int -> void
<doc>Create a directory with the specified rights</doc>
bool _hx_std_sys_create_dir( String path, int mode )
#ifdef EPPC
return true;


  • Established developers should be able to get app IDs more easily (Steam Direct)
  • Create a developer support ticket system (TomG claims this is addressed)
  • Allow selling “unlisted” apps on Steam with no public store page (TomG claims this is addressed)


  • Players should be able to “follow” developers on Steam
  • Add embeddable "add to Steam wishlist" buttons for the web
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char* text = GetSomeTextInUTF8Format();
std::wstring* result = new std::wstring (text, text + strlen (text));
View Haxe and C++

How do I get string content from Haxe to an untyped cpp block?

static public function haxeFunction(inputString:String)
  untyped __cpp__ ('
      myStruct myFoo;     = ???;   //Should be the string contents of Haxe String inputString (1st 16 characters, ASCII only is fine)
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So say I have a function like this:

int doSomeStuff(
   const SomeStruct *myStruct

And SomeStruct is defined like this:

larsiusprime / 00_ImageDataUtil.cpp
Last active Mar 22, 2017
Proposed speedup for ImageDataUtil.copyPixels()
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void ImageDataUtil::CopyPixels (Image* image, Image* sourceImage, Rectangle* sourceRect, Vector2* destPoint, Image* alphaImage, Vector2* alphaPoint, bool mergeAlpha) {
uint8_t* sourceData = (uint8_t*)sourceImage->buffer->data->Data ();
uint8_t* destData = (uint8_t*)image->buffer->data->Data ();
ImageDataView sourceView = ImageDataView (sourceImage, sourceRect);
Rectangle destRect = Rectangle (destPoint->x, destPoint->y, sourceView.width, sourceView.height);
ImageDataView destView = ImageDataView (image, &destRect);
PixelFormat sourceFormat = sourceImage->buffer->format;
larsiusprime / gist:2cff49cc973eba078a94b6c3358c7efb
Last active Mar 4, 2017
Help me diagnose a black screen error on linux/mac
View gist:2cff49cc973eba078a94b6c3358c7efb
I believe these settings should be enough to reproduce the error.
platform: linux
bits: 64
haxe version: latest dev version
hxcpp: (master branch)
View Loader.hx
#if macro
import haxe.macro.Expr;
class Loader
#if cpp
public static function __init__()