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#lang racket
;; pmatch included here ******************
(define-syntax pmatch
(syntax-rules ()
((_ v c ...) (pmatch-who #f v c ...))))
(define-syntax pmatch-who

[RC Diary] Interpreter (-38)

I am studying an interpreter written in Scheme and meanwhile writing a blog post about the experience.


Looking at the most beautiful program ever written

I am going to have a look at what William Byrd presented as The most beautiful program ever written.

I am going to talk about beauty referred to computer programs, specifically about Lisp. There might be errors as this is something I wrote to make sense of that interpreter, proceed at your own risk.

The program


[RC Diary] Interviews, mock interviews, more mock interviews, and Dota (-39)

Real and fake. The more I attend interviews the more I realise how useless they are: sometimes it just feels like you have an hour with your interviewer and you have to fill it somehow with professional questions.

I am really getting lazy with these diary posts recently. Damn.


[RC Diary] Interview exercise (-42)

I find that being at a whiteboard completely changes my approach to the problem:

  • at the laptop I am like, yeh ok let's code this thing with the first thing that comes into my mind
  • at the whiteboard I am all like, uuhhhmmmmm, let's try this approach carefully and see what happens

I've spent most of the day going through this exercise, or better, through this last edge case of this exercise. Basically runs your code against a set of tests, but it just tells you when you fail a test, without giving either inputs or outputs.


[RC Diary] Jobs hunt, climbing the Scala, and speed reading app (-43)

I'm getting close to my mental limit I think, I have less and less energy as time approaches the end of my batch.


[RC Diary] Interviews (-46)



Today I've learned that I should apply my interview tools

  • can I relax some of the contraints on the result?
  • can I approach it in more time / more space?