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import * as winston from 'winston';
import * as Transport from 'winston-transport';
import { CloudWatch, CloudWatchLogs } from 'aws-sdk';
export namespace WinstonCloudWatch {
export type LogObject = {level: string, msg: string, meta?: any};
export interface CloudWatchIntegration {

Bandwidth throttling on FreeBSD

Installing FreeBSD in VirtualBox will help a lot, I've also set

  • PasswordAuthentication yes
  • PermitRootLogin yes

followed by a /etc/rc.d/sshd restart to allow root to login from my tmux environment on the host box. Make sure you have sshd installed and running on the virtual image. This way I could have multiple tmux panes and copy / paste working (which wasn't in my case).


[Teaching programming] Lesson six

(define insert-middle
  (lambda (new lat)
    (cons (car lat) (cons new (cdr lat)))))

We've been experimenting with functions, so we're starting to move away from the list manipulation tasks for their own sake.


[Teaching programming] Lesson five - lazyblog


When everything works and good definitions and examples just flow naturally and the other person seems to be learning everything you're saying.

I don't have anything particular to say, except the fact that the work from the previous weeks seems to be paying off, over all giving her a method improved dramatically the way she deals with implementing functions from scratch. Also, doing exercises as we go in the book it's way more effective than having her solve them on her own.


[Teaching programming] Lesson four - lazyblog

On exercises

They are way too difficult. I've slowed the pace considerably due to a misjudgement of exercises difficulty.

On giving a method

It was her who raised this point and it actually makes a lot of sense, it's a shame I didn't think about this earlier on.

while true; do
filename=$(((RANDOM %10) + 1))
if [ -f $filename ]; then
mkfile 30m data/$filename
randomstring=$(LC_CTYPE=C tr -dc A-Za-z0-9 < /dev/urandom | fold -w ${1:-$(((RANDOM %1000000) +1))} | head -n 1)
echo $randomstring >>data/$filename

[Teaching programming] Lesson three - lazyblog


There was some confusion on how to use functions and recursion in the end. I didn't spot that previously. I am starting to think that a lot of what "being a teacher" means is to understand when your audience got the idea you're trying to pass on.

So what didn't I understand? For sure the fact that going from

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### ctags
### global
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;; in the previous solution we implemented 2nd and last
;; but we did not define proper return values for the edge cases,
;; this time we will
;; your task will be to provide those values, as you can imagine
;; (sum 4 'gatto) does not have an answer
;; make it so that expressions will return true
;; a suggestion would be to paste the definitions of 2nd and last
;; above the exercises and fix the errors you get, by returning proper values