[RC SP1'17] Mock interviews (-94)

Mock interviews

Longest increasing subarray

Given an input like [6, 7, 8, 1, 2] it should return [6, 7, 8].

magic index problem


[RC SP1'17] Videos and not getting ill (-95)

Clojure(Script) videos

I decided to slow down a bit for today because

  • I went to a kickboxing class and I'm destroying
  • I feel I am getting ill

So today just relaxing, and watching stuff I've always wanted to watch.


[RC SP1'17] Presentations and not so many progresses (-96)

Presenting web dev 101

I showed web development basis using a small client server project I wrote.

It went good, I enjoyed it a lot and I got questions, so that's great: I like talks when people are asking me questions as it becomes more interactive, there's partecipation and in the end we used all of the 60 minutes we reserved.

A few things I might want to change for the future:


[RC SP1'17] Web dev 101, finished first version of project-lamp first chapter (-97)

Code an example mutation and apply it to an AST

The idea is to have three modules:

  • one that reads source files into memory making them ASTs
  • one that reads mutations
  • one that applies mutations onto ASTs returning the modified ASTs

[RC SP1'17] ? (-98)

Project lamp evaluate answer from backend for the user

Managed to evaluate the scripts we got from the PureScript backend, I polished everything and made it so that all scripts in the page are evaluated when they are sent to the server, so users can change everything how they like it to be and experiment. My fellow recurser is working on a way to have the code checked for correctness, so we can cheer the user when they succeed!

No more syntax highlight in Spacemacs


[RC SP1'17] Bottles of beer (-99)

Adding content to

We've worked on having a page that

  • shows our content
  • contains PureScript snippets that are executable, with feedback to the user
  • has a nice simple look

[RC SP1'17] Wheel of fortune (-100)

Project lamp

Looks like we can host the thing on S3 (yay!).

I will just follow the guide to see how to set up web hosting on S3.

About registering a domain I will go for R53.


[RC SP1'17] Algorithms data structures, Cerebro, thoughts, and 42 (-102)

About "giving back to the community"

Honesty warning.

It's not like I am super grateful and I want to give back so much to repay for all the things I've learned from people, well, also that, but I feel a lot that giving back also means testing if I know what I am talking about. Which you could argue would ultimately result in better ability to contribute to the


[RC SP1'17] Recursion, folding, and slow learning (-103)

Finish the Haskell exercise

This is about recursion principles and foldable data structures.

Let's put the fun in functional programming! Consider the definition of the simplest foldable data structure: the Natural Number!


[RC SP1'17] Hello RC! (-104)

Spacemacs basics

Paired explaining Spacemacs basics and how to move around files, lines, and projects. Got these two awesome commands back from the other person!

gd - go to definition

C-o - jumps to previous locations