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patched compile has crashed
internalModule is not defined
ReferenceError: internalModule is not defined
at Module.eval (eval at <anonymous> (/Users/lazywithclass/workspace/mutagen/node_modules/really-need/index.js:230:25), <anonymous>:30:19)
at Module._compile (/Users/lazywithclass/workspace/mutagen/node_modules/really-need/index.js:251:29)
at load (/Users/lazywithclass/workspace/mutagen/node_modules/really-need/index.js:73:12)
at Module.load (module.js:343:32)
at Function.Module._load (module.js:300:12)
at loadRealModule (/Users/lazywithclass/workspace/mutagen/node_modules/really-need/index.js:133:23)
at Module.reallyNeedRequire [as require] (/Users/lazywithclass/workspace/mutagen/node_modules/really-need/index.js:181:16)
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function requireFromString(src, filename) {
var m = new module.constructor();
m.paths = module.paths;
m._compile(src, filename);
return m.exports;
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// Driver
var driver = {
// enter
// turnKey
// fillTank
// Car
// start
View programming-intro-3.js
// review
// strings
// operations on strings
// given a string like this
// "1+2-5"
// use the above functions implemented in the exercise
// to provide the result
View programming-intro-ex1.js
// modellare le funzioni che riproducano
// + - * /
// modellare le funzioni che riproducano n^2 n^1/2
// utilizzando le funzioni sopra implementate
View programming-intro-2.js
// review programming-itro-1.js
// questions?
// no OOP, FP
// model a car
// break it up in units <-- !
// model a tyre
function spin(wheel) {
View programming-intro-1.js
// variables
// control flow
// functions
// lamp exercise
var on;
function turnOn() {
if (!isOn()) {
View Sample HAProxy conf with req.body logging
log local0
user root
group root
log global
mode http
option httplog
View challenge.js
var async = require('async'),
request = require('request');
function traverse(start, token) {
var queue = [];
async.forever(function(next) {
if (queue.length === 0) next('no more items');
var item = queue.pop();
getAdjacents(item, token, function(err, adjacents) {
View remove-as-read.js
// these are to be pasted into the console
// remove by clicking on the up arrow
// the useful thing is that you remove comments and add the removed id to
// an array, so next time you know exactly what you've considered
// (use case might be monthly "Who is hiring?")
function remove(id) {