[RC Diary] Interviewing (-67)

Today was all about interviewing. I did 3 rounds of interviews, for a total of

  • 1.5 hours being interviewed
  • 3.5 hours interviewing and giving feedback

I was pretty exhausted at the end and went home earlier than usual.

The interview rounds are structured in 30 min sessions that everyone gets, I was pretty pleased with my last one, where I


[clojure][emacs][ide] Clojure Remote - A Few Pints of CIDER (Bozhidar Batsov)

Bozhidar talks about the features in Clojure Interactive Development Environment that Rocks for Emacs

It looks like Cider has a Debugger!

  • instrument a function
  • step through the function execution

[RC Diary] Lisping (-68)

The little schemer

Chapter 5 has been really difficult, it required lot of thinking and I had to give up the last part because it was taking too much time.

(that sentence seems like little work but took me almost two days)

Reverting a hash function


[RC Diary] winston-cloudwatch bug, jobs, and the little schemer (-69)

Job applications

Tedious. Long. And possibly I'll never even receive a "No." email back. :(

Spent the whole morning doing that.

winston-cloudwatch bug


[RC Diary] winston-cloudwatch and cerebro (-70)


I've released version 1.11.0 today, which adds

  • a security check to avoid sending empty logs (again)
  • a simulation tool so that we could easily test error conditions
  • retrying to submit if we get an error

Pet peeves of mine

not contributing meaningfully to open source if you're smart, acting amazed then you should not, impostor syndrome is for smart people


[RC Diary] Working from home, little scheming, Noam Chomsky (-72)

Requiem for the American Dream

It's a documentary in which Noam Chomsky analises the state of society and economy, there are lots of concepts explained as the video covers ten items that Noam Chomsky thinks are crucial to answer the question "how did we get to this point?".

For me it was an explosion of concepts, I've saved a list of items that I want to understand / read about:


[RC Diary] A bit of rest (-73)


[RC Diary] Interview mock, helping a recurser figuring out how to code her ideas (-74)

Helped recurser

It wasn't that easy because I had to remain concentrated all the time, to avoid saying wrong things to her.

I found this to be a really good exercise, we went from best practices for the frontend to the ones for the backend passing through session handling and how to perform calls to a third service that requires OAuth for certain calls.

Really good stuff!