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[RC Diary] Getting data to have Cerebro in good shape (-63)

[RC Diary] Getting data to have Cerebro in good shape (-63)

Project lamp

I've been reading the chapter on continuations, I am starting to get them, possibly I just need to give it a couple more reads.

Getting data for Cerebro

First thing was mitigate the terrible data structure mutation I have to do when passing source code into a mutation, I want to copy the source and pass then into the mutation. It appears to be extremely difficult to do.

I wrote a script to get repos from Github that depend on mocha, which is the only test runner I currently support.

Now for the next bit, clone some of those and then

  • run Cerebro
  • see if fail
  • fix it
  • get the next
  • adapt Cerebro
  • repeat

I also managed to return both the mutated and original code from the mutation, so now I can clean a bit core.cljs, which was starting to become a real mess. It seems like a small thing but took me half today to figure out how to do it, it basically involved understanding a bit more about how JavaScript interop works:

(defn loop-nodes
  "applies a mutation to the ASTs,
  returns the mutated, or non mutated, ASTs"
  (let [original-code (.parse js/JSON (.stringify js/JSON (candidate :code)))]
    (.visit esrecurse (candidate :code) (clj->js {:BinaryExpression mutate}))
    (hash-map :original
              (hash-map :path (candidate :path) :code original-code)
              (hash-map :path (candidate :path) :code (candidate :code)))))

this is the code that applies a mutation, (candidate :code) (ah BTW, so nice that in ClojureScript hashmaps are functions!) containes the AST, and it is passed through esrecurse and the mutated in mutate. What I had to do is basically a copy of (candidate :code), via the stringify and parse horrible bit. I should update that to use a less hacky system and put it where it could be used by other mutations.

The little schemer

I've tried going through chapter 6 for a couple hours. Failed. Coulnd't really focus.

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