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working with casperjs and http status codes
var casper = require('casper').create({
httpStatusHandlers: {
404: function(self, resource) {
self.echo(resource.url + ' not found (404)');
500: function(self, resource) {
self.echo(resource.url + ' gave an error (500)');
verbose: true
casper.start('http://mywebsite/404', function() {
this.echo('We suppose this url return an HTTP 404');
}); {

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commented May 26, 2017

I know you made this 5 years ago, but I am currently using this for a project I am working on and this example was key in helping me understand how to use it. So with that being said, I can't stress a big enough THANK YOU!!!!!! Greatly appreciated 5 years down the road by at least one person

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