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Created April 29, 2017 23:40
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[RC Diary] Mock interviews and the little schemer (-33)

[RC Diary] Mock interviews and the little schemer (-33)

Mock interviews

So I've a mck interview with an developer from Heap he said it went very well, if there's an area in which I have to get better is recognising big Os. I hate that part of CS, I will try to do more exercises on these

as I don't think I could study the subject, I'm too lazy and too uninterested, I need to get better at it by Doing Stuff.

The little schemer

I've lost track of it a little bit, if I want to continue with Type Driven Development with Idris I first need to finish it.

I'm at chapter 8, almost 9, I just need to push through tomorrow and next week, so after RC I could focus on Idris!

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