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Last active Mar 30, 2017
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[RC Diary] Low energy (-62)

[RC Diary] Low energy (-62)


I started applying it to other projects, the current candidate is, it has close to 100% code coverage and uses mocha. I created an ad-hoc mutation for it (the old one didn't have any occurrence) and run it.

I've discovered yet another problem that I didn't think of: when a mutation is applied to a source file all occurrences are mutated at the same time, this is not what it should be doing. Mutations should be applied once at a time, so if for example I have the following code

const compare = (a, b) => a == b

if (var1 == var2) console.log('oh hai')

and a mutation that mutates something == somethingElse into true == true I need to produce two mutations:

const compare = (a, b) => true == true

if (var1 == var2) console.log('oh hai')
const compare = (a, b) => a == b

if (true == true) console.log('oh hai')

SICP study group bootstrap

Started an SICP study group.

Exercises + discussions + the day before I will watch videos. This is the book we will use while this is the playlist on youtube of the original lectures

Helping recurser

Worked through frontend -> backend concepts.

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