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Last active March 21, 2017 04:10
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[RC Diary] Wheel of fortune (-100)

[RC Diary] Wheel of fortune (-100)

Project lamp

Looks like we can host the thing on S3 (yay!).

I will just follow the guide to see how to set up web hosting on S3.

About registering a domain I will go for R53.

It's important to go through this list once everything is done, for things like automatic renewal.

I can haz website?


Took me a while (~2hrs)but managed to write the first implementation for the module responsible of reading files into memory.

Since that's sort of done (I don't think I've written it in an idiomatic way), tomorrow I can focus on:

  • transforming the strings into proper ASTs
  • come up with a reasonable short program and some covering code
  • hopefully identify where to mutate?

Progress happening on Cerebro project page

The little schemer chapter 2

I realised that it's better for me if I try to implement the exercises in Clojure, there's also who has done it before so I could always go back there for reference.

Have to translate chapter-1 into Cloure and then extract common functions in a separate module.

Move blog posts to gist

Done :|, took ages.


  • adding content to
  • pair on timsort
  • continue working on Cerebro
  • chapter 1 and 2 of the little schemer in Clojure
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