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Last active March 27, 2017 03:43
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[RC Diary] Online test and the memory castle (-65)

[RC Diary] Online test and the memory castle (-65)

Online test

I've finished an online test for a cloud ops position today.

I don't if I will proceed to the next stage, I tackled 5 problems:

  • a simple one, basically replacing \n with ;, I passed 50% tests... meh. Couldn't find the edge case for the other
  • return 1 if an element is in a binary search tree, 0 otherwise, 100% tests passed
  • understand if parens in strings like '[()]{}' are balanced or not, 100% tests passed
  • create a folder and a file with some content passed from the CLI in puppet, I think I did it correctly
  • create a file from a template and a hash parameter, I wasn't able to finish this

Overall I am satisfying with my progress, 1.5 months ago I would not have been able to finish the second and third exercise, especially in the 90 minutes time that I was given.

Even if they won't hire me I am satisfied and I know that this is the correct direction :)

Memory castle

Today I got introduced by a fellow recurser to the concept of Memory Castle, it's basically a way to remember things associating them to a known place, such that this association generates an emotion.

This discussion spawned some interesting questions:

  • is it possible to update memory records?
  • is memory immutable?

Helped fellow recurser

I helped her with her project, I am learning so many thing I thought I knew, just by going over them, trying to explain in the best way possibile, easy and short.

We paired for around three around and passed through frontend (HTML, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript, ...) and backend (service API calls, REST, ...) and best practices in general. When you're explaining stuff to an avid mind that wants to learn all the little "unsure things" pop up, then it's just a matter of writing them down, to later study.

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