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Created April 14, 2017 16:03
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[RC Diary] Progressing (-47)

[RC Diary] Progressing (-47)

Refucktoring event

It was a success, everyone seemed to have enjoyed it!

I went through the JavaScript project, and we found a few things that might improved in the original library, like for example code coverage, or off by one errors.

This experiment actually validated my point about having a mutation testing library going through github repos, to find problems and areas where could might be improved.

Speed read app

ah-ha moment today! It happened while working on the speed reading app, imagine you want to refactor some code, so that you want to avoid sharing one model's internals into another, the way we approached it was to use partial functional application, and pass the partially applied function.

The little schemer

Finished chapter 7. Yas!

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