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Last active Mar 21, 2017
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[CSE373] Lecture, winston-cloudwatch process inspection, Ubuntu 16.10 daily crash (-168)

[CSE373] Lecture, winston-cloudwatch process inspection, Ubuntu 16.10 daily crash (-168)

CSE373 2012 - Lecture 18 - Exhaustive Search & Backtracking

winston-cloudwatch process inspection

Started creating a couple scripts to mimic a real life process that logs to AWS CloudWatch, basically a running process that listens for SIGUSR1 and a sh script that sends that signal.

The goal is to find out if calling setInterval in winston-cloudwatch is working as I think it is, I am seeing some weird behaviour. One example is that logEvents is passed through to the integration library file as empty, which is something that should not happen, feels like I a missing something obvious about how Node.js works in this scenario.

Also it looks like when I'm logging twice in a row as in


two intervals are started, which is something that should not happen.

Dealing with continuous crashes on my Ubuntu 16.10

I have half a dozen error reports a day, plus once a day the screen freezes with a gray color with a graphical effect as if it was an old TV being turned off (a central white line collapsing to a dot).

Sometimes I get an extended error report saying

avahi-demon crashed with SIGABRT in avahi_malloc

This is avahi-demon man page, which looks like a service discovery tool.

I gave a look at avahi-demon --help and it looks like avahi-demon -k killed it.

I will give it a couple days to see if I still get so many crashes and error reports. If it will turn out to be responsible I could either remove it, update it, or just disable it at startup, so if I will ever need to discover something like a printer I could always turn it back on. (and of course I will never remember of this decision)

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