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[RC Diary] First day at RC, plans (-106)

[RC Diary] First day at RC, plans (-106)

Today we got an intro to what RC is, every bit of it was amazing, from talking to people to explaining what I want to work on.

I've found a couple people I want to join forces with, to create something. The great thing about this is that we will be sharing knowledge, because everyone is bringing their own set of skills to the table

Mutation testing library for Clojure

I'm going to join forces with this recurser from a previous batch with two goals:

  • learn from him and from the project how to write idiomatic Clojure
  • build a project used and useful to people

Learning why Haskell matters

With the help of a recent grad in CS:

  • learn how dependant types could help in the industry
  • write a site that could help people learn Haskell without pain


With those two in mind I have space for a couple more activities during my batch, I think I have to choose from:

  • learning Haskell and how dependent types are useful
  • attending security oriented Capture The Flag events
  • pair with people on Whatever™
  • join mock interviews
  • join an algorithms and data structures study group

I don't think I can make all of them work at the same time, so possibly I have to drop some :(

Next few days

Over the next few days I would love to:

  • read Clojure Applied so I have some background about the language we are going to use on the mutation testing library
  • propose myself as half a pair, to introduce people not used to pair programming and TDD
  • structure how to approach the Learning Haskell Problem :D
  • get some physical exercise

Can't wait for tomorrow *_*.

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