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Last active March 21, 2017 04:07
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[RC Diary] Chalkboard (-84)

[RC Diary] Rejection (-84)

Project lamp

Very good progress, we were able to

  • refine our Jekyll tag hooks to get working code for when we need a REPL or just evaluation (still need quickcheck logic)
  • eye candy!!! Just look at the introduction chapter, LOOK AT IT!!!
  • get half of the first chapter in place

Once we will be done with these first chapters it will just a matter of writing the text for the chapter itself and noob-proofing effort from me, which basically means that if I can understand it it's not that difficult :D

Rejected as an interviewer at RC

So, got rejected. Rejection usually gets out the best and worst of me, at the same time. Socially and from a tech point of view, in that exact order.

I've updated my blog to be easier for employer to understand my interests, skills, etc.

I will be adding more links to my "jobs" bookmark folder, and at some point not too far in the future I will start interviewing.

Scheduling and reminding recurring tasks and backlog

So... having something like trello would be unnecessarily complex, continuing to copy paste stuff from one day to another seems silly, so I will give Epic Win another try, I used this years ago.

The idea is to have recurring tasks like Cerebro and Project Lamp, and then one off tasks like "Chapter 3 of the Little Schemer in Clojure".

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