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[RC Diary] Stratovarius paced day, and oh, yes, CVs (-71)

[RC Diary] Stratovarius paced day, and oh, yes, CVs (-71)

Programming democracy

Started contributing to, here.

Project lamp

We tried rewriting it in PureScript. Fail.

The Little Schemer chapter 4

The First Commendment (Always ask null? as the first question in expressing any function) is incomplete, or better, it could be more generic.

For example in

(def +
  "adds to numbers"
  (fn [a b]
      (zero? a) b
      true (+ (sub1 a) (sum1 b)))))

We are not evaluating for an empty list, instead we are using zero?, but that's ok because it represents the base case for the recursion. So one might see the First Commendment as "Always ask is_base_case? as the first question in expressing any function"

Ah yes, it seems like the First Commendment went through a revision later on, good that I thought of it.

I don't know how many times as of now I've written

(def function-name
  "function-name does this and that"
  (fn [a b]
    ))) too much I suppose. The Little Lisper really forces muscle memory in you.

Sending CVs out

Tedious and time consuming. The worst is when you spend 30-45 min to fill in an application and then you don't even get a "no" back. Code a button that sends an email to the person with a standard body, it shouldn't be too hard and definitely better for the receiving end, which is us developers.

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