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Last active Mar 28, 2017
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[RC Diary] New batch and Cerebro thoughts (-64)

[RC Diary] New batch and Cerebro thoughts (-64)

Cerebro thoughts

I am questioning the current approach I took to run mutations in an efficient way, basically what I'm doing is:

  • load source
  • mutate source
  • load test
  • put source and test in node's vm
  • run that in a specified context
  • get output and show it

Discomfort. Is this tool going to be used? If I can't engineer it so that's fast enough it won't. And I can't simply change files on disk. That's not an option. But the thing is that I don't think I can write Professor X if Cerebro is not flexible enough. Flexibility means that I want to be able to:

  • load the sources in memory
  • mutate the sources creating a new instance of the source, so that the original is untouched
  • npm test
  • somehow the changes are picked up
  • see the sun shining again

The step before the last sounds a lot like magic and that's where I need to focus.

There doesn't seem to be any sane way to address problem, I will try again in the future.


I will just go on with the original plan. Which means I now have to find projects that use mocha and test against those.

New batch

Pretty intense day. New batch arrived. Low energy because I was rejected from a (far fetched) candidation as CloudOps at Mozilla, and because Cerebro is not shaping up as I wanted it to be. And because I'm late with Project Lamp chapters read.


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