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[RC Diary] Speed reading (-59)

[RC Diary] Speed reading (-59)

Speed reading

I am speed reading through SICP chapter 1, now I've clearly stopped because I've started thinking.

So, the problem is that all text is read by Spreed in the same way, there's no distinction between for example

  • section headers (hs)
  • code snippets
  • paging and so on

as those are fed to the reader in quite a disturbing way, also there's a lot of clutter on the page, and I would love to have some nice features like

  • j k l to move back, stop, move forward, in the same as when watching a youtube video
  • also it would be nice to have a reference to the original page, kind of a preview when stopping or skimming (kind of like how sublime does)
  • filtering / showing in the proper way so that code and the likes are rendering correctly

I've seen that someone coded a speed reader open source tool in JavaScript, I wonder how difficult would it be to create an Electron app from that.

I would need

  • a module to read PDFs
  • electron
  • a sample PDF page

These are the steps to have a working solution

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