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Created February 20, 2017 02:28
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Loo technique

Loo technique

As opposed to the Pomodoro technique.

The problem


Mario Fusco posted this on his feed a while ago

A solution that works for me


This works for me. I'm not a medic, water could kill you, drink responsibly.

How I do it

Enter the Loo technique.

Be sure to have a mug, a bottle, or something similar. Fill it at the start of your dev activity, make sure there's quite some in there: a glass will not do.

Be sure to drink from time to time, for example if you're pair programming have a sip when it's not your turn, or if you're TDDing when you either write the test or the implementation.

Why it works

As you code (and so, as you drink), you will start to feel a gradual need to go the loo, nothing sudden like that irritating DRRRIIIIIIINNN, you can't stretch it too much though, at some point you will have to have a walk.

Be sure not to take this too far away, drink accordingly to the complexity of what you're doing, what's important is not to break your task right when you were almost there to the ah-ha moment.

This technique helps in ultimately forcing you to get up from that chair when you're stretching it too much. Anyway, as I said, it works for me, you might find it ridiculous or even dangerous, in that case you just have to close this tab :D

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