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Last active March 21, 2017 04:06
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[RC Diary] Good progress and activism (-82)

[RC Diary] Good progress and activism (-82)

Project lamp

Finished introduction and first chapter, the book now looks really amazing, I'm satisfied!

Incoming chapter 2.

Programming democracy

Registered to the slack team responsible for collecting scientific data. Had a look around at a possible project I might contribute to, cloned and started successfully.

I also got in contact with one of the team, seems promising, we'll see.

Helping with tests

A fellow recurser was in need for some help with testing best practices, on a couple projects:

  • test cover a simple one page app that lets you see the difference between two dates
  • create a project from scratch with tests and TDD

This is a wonderful opportunity to be able to speak more about testing, and understand what I don't know about it or what I am not so sure about it.

I am thinking about what could be the best approach here, should I take notes? Should I record the whole thing? (this would be awkward...)


Finished the first era. I can now apply mutations to a project, and I've got the scaffolding to making it a command line tool, meaning that I can also use modules from the project I am mutating!

Next steps are:

  • read sources and tests of the example project I have in Cerebro source code
  • provide a simple diff output of what changed between code and mutation in case of an alive mutant
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