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[RC Diary] Still so cold in NY (-76)

[RC Diary] Still so cold in NY (-76)

Choosing my next paper

These are the topics I'm interested the most in CS right now:

  • lazy evaluation
  • out of the tar pit concepts (no state, no control, simplicity uber alles)
  • higher order functions in modules, modules to abstract problems, lazy evaluation as the glue for modules interop

It should be about lazy evaluation, a thorough explanation with some actual examples would be great.

Closing some chrome tabs

The Birth & Death of JavaScript

Didn't get the point. Closed around 50%.

Type systems will make you a better JavaScript programmer

Which has a nice tl;dr IMHO:

If you have any complex data objects, write out the types before you dive into coding.

They basically advice to use Flow but I don't think it's the solution, possibly because I find the result to involve too much clutter.

Project lamp


I started working on a way to have notes along with the book text, so that it's easy for the reader to go through the contents keeping with him whatever functions they want from the previous sections / chapters, just by pasting them into this area.

Pagination at the top and at the bottom

Yay! Inspired by, enjoy it live!

Original creators and contributors lists

Just some credit where due, but not too much.


Done with GPL v3. I've found this website which nicely sums up our intentions with the project:

You may copy, distribute and modify the software as long as you track changes/dates in source files. Any modifications to or software including (via compiler) GPL-licensed code must also be made available under the GPL along with build & install instructions.

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