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Last active March 21, 2017 04:12
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[COMP300E] And struggle on dynamic programming (-131)

[COMP300E] And struggle on dynamic programming (-131)

So... I've stopped for a while trying to solve this homework, I finally am sure I spent too much time on it without finding a good way to approach it, I will then go with COMP300E course (still taught by prof Skiena) and see if that helps me figuring out where I am failing.

COMP300E seems to be taking a similar path to CSE373, with a practical twist, so hopefully this is a good move.

Lecture 1 - Getting Started

First thing one notices is that this course has much better video, there's a camera that zooms onto the whiteboard, something that never happened in CSE373, which led to very difficult to understand passages in some of the lectures.

Enrolling in prof Skiena's class is a good start, so you get all the problems that he will assign during his lectures.

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