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[RC Diary] Presentations and stuff working (-89)

[RC Diary] Presentations and stuff working (-89)


Got to the point where I hve two mutations

  • true -> false
  • <= -> <

Now, besides being very happy about how ClojureScript is not getting too much in my way, I have the following taks for Cerebro:

  • pass around simpler data structures, this tutorial and this other resource, both explaining deftype should help
  • rename and reassign functions were applicable
  • solve the "variable already defined in this scope" problem (could this exploit hygienic macros theory?)

Project lamp

We added a REPL to the first chapter, so excited! It's coming along pretty well. This weekend I will check if the contents are approachable by an inexperienced eye like mine (because ultimately this is our goal).


I've been dragging along lots of stuff recently, as I was concentrating mainly on Cerebro and Project Lamp.

For this weekend I want to shorten that list, so:

Videos from Chomsky

For when you're sad / in need of inspiration / need to pause

Out of the tar pit

Fogus single most favourite whitepaper, worth a read right?

Prepare that in time for Monday for the whitepaper reading group.

Lazy evaluation

Come up with a simple definition and an example in a language that has lazy evaluation, can I do it in JavaScript? What about doing it in Clojure?

Skip list

Where is it useful? What's the main idea behind it?

Dijkstra algorithm

Code a visual representation of how it radiates into a graph.

Also have a look at this explanation about how shortest path work for real world problems.

And then there's the list

The last two should be easy, the second too, I just need time to go through it

  • still need some attention needed for timsort, radix sort
  • chapter 3 of the little schemer in Clojure
  • allow some time to think
  • find a new apartment
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