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Last active March 21, 2017 04:08
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[RC Diary] Cerebro slow progress and preparing talks (-92)

[RC Diary] Cerebro great progress and preparing talks, more thoughts (-92)

More thoughts about where to work

I think I would like to work for

Where would the likes of Edward Snowden or Noam Chomsky be proud of working at?

Project lamp

Some good progress here, I refactored away and simplified a bit the code that deal with talking with and some other small refinements, I am pleased about how the whole thing is shaping up! I will have to understand if the content is readable in a simple way.


Slow progress, I now have to approach the most difficult part of the whole thing, which is running code as string into node vm context.

Basically I have to code this

new vm.Script([

with also mocha required stuff passed in the current context, it's not going to be easy, I really hope it works. This is an all of nothing, if it does not work the whole tool will be extremely slow, it has to work.

[After a few minutes]

Turns out it was easer than I thought! This is the code that did the trick, now it's all about passing the right context:

;; omg my eyes
(let [Script (.-Script js/vm)
      script (Script. "1 + 1")]
  (.runInContext script context)))

which is ClojureScript for:

new vm.Script("1 + 1").runInContext(context);

Helped recurser

Helped a fellow recurser bootstrap tests in his application, giving him a general idea of how it should be done.


  • Cerebro
  • project lamp
  • still need some attention needed for timsort, radix sort, dijkstra algo
  • chapter 3 of the little schemer in Clojure
  • allow some time to think
  • find a new apartment
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