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# Configs overwritable via environment variables
VSYSTEM=${VSYSTEM:=qemu} # Either 'qemu' or 'kvm'
FLAVOUR=${FLAVOUR:=debian} # Either 'debian' or 'ubuntu'

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am ldhieu on github.
  • I am ldhieu ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASDIn3TV4KEL_nwbtsOx3NTqdEbLDI5d2yUPv6rdMcNfTwo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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I am +hieu on OneName #verifymyonename
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Like the ENTp, the ENFp is driven by an overwhelming desire for attention and to be liked. Unlike the ENTp, the ENFp is not naturally rational and objective in his outlook. Where the ENTp calculates and plots to get what she wants, the ENFp acts on impulse and gut feeling. While this gut feeling is often correct, especially when it comes to their near-psychic ability to understand the feelings and motivations of others, it leaves them utterly without direction and purpose: ending relationships, burning bridges, and finding "greener pastures" whenever their current situations becomes frustrating. And when the ENFp is not the center of attention, or is not completely loved and adored, they become very frustrated.

The ENFp has an uncanny ability to make new friends, learn new skills, and thrive in unfamiliar situations. But usually this ability only applies superficially. She's great at making new friends, but she won't know how to deal with the first challenging obstacle in a relationship. She's great at learn

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Khoá học vận hành máy in Projet 6000 Quy trình bảo dưỡng dự phòng

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  • Người sử dụng máy in có thể thực hiện những bước sau đây để giảm thiểu sự cố và tăng năng suất máy in
  • Trong mỗi trường hợp sự cố xảy ra, người sử dụng nên phối hợp với đường dây 24/7 bộ phận Hỗ trợ Khách hàng hoặc kỹ sư trong bộ phận Hỗ trợ Khách hàng của 3D Systems

Interest Rates for Savings Account in France (Comptes et Livrets d'épargne en France)

Directives from Bank of France sets the following limits (Apr/2012)

  • 0.17% for flexible savings (savings with no restrictions on amount, duration, etc)
  • 2.28% for fixed term savings under 2 yrs
  • 3.15% for fixed term savings over 2 yrs

A few examples are taken from 3 example banks of France: Société Générale, BNP Paribas, HSBC France


Project proposal

  1. 2 or 3 concept schemes: advantages for TOSY = conceptual choice, early pricing assessment, presenting to contractors offers additional PoV
  2. After scheme approval, services and fees announced for next two stages: more or less concrete pricing details, informed decision-making possible with cost breakdown. Budgetary figures attached can serve as comparison (careful about pricing framing).
  3. Scheme -> detailed bid document set
  4. Coordinated design approach with Elevator consultant (cf needs)
  5. Finalised with tender document set: refine price, opportunity for TOSY to do cost review
  6. After contractor has been set, meeting EOC and Contractor to discuss scheme
  7. At this stage, responsibility of EOC falls down to: Reviewing and Commenting, Mock-up proposal for TOSY & contractor
  8. Fabrication begins. Opportunity to meet during construction.
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Complementary assets

  • Course definition: Complementary assets are those assets required to derive value from a primary investment.