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krzemienski /
Created Sep 2, 2020
Packaging multi codec DASH and HLS with cenc and cbcs encryption for widevine, playready, and fairplay w/ shaka & bento4
def package_local_targets(input_dir, output_dir):
trace = 'package_local_targets'
print(f"{trace}: create directory {output_dir}")
except FileExistsError:
print(f"delete existing {output_dir}")
# webm - mp4
ffmpeg -hide_banner \
-re -f lavfi -i "testsrc2=size=1280x720:rate=30,format=yuv420p" \
-f lavfi -i "sine=frequency=220:beep_factor=4:duration=5" \
-c:v libx264 -preset ultrafast -tune zerolatency -profile:v high \
-b:v 1400k -bufsize 2800k -x264opts keyint=30:min-keyint=30:scenecut=-1 \
-c:a aac -b:a 128k \
-window_size 5 -extra_window_size 10 -remove_at_exit 1 -adaptation_sets "id=0,streams=v id=1,streams=a" \
-fflags +genpts \
-movflags isml+frag_keyframe output.mpd
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GnaphronG /
Created May 28, 2018
HLS and DASH Manifest with CMAF files
#! /bin/sh
timestamp=`date +%s`
ffmpeg="docker run --rm -it --workdir /tmp -v $PWD:/tmp kynothon/moviola:4.0-alpine "
bento4="docker run -it --rm -u $(id -u):$(id -g) -v $PWD:/tmp --workdir /tmp ggoussard/bento4docker "
echo "Getting the file"
curl -LO
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function [ref_ii, ref_jj, blk_residual] = block_match(blk, frame)
% frame and block dimensions
[H, W] = size(frame);
blk_size = size(blk, 1);
ref_ii = 1;
ref_jj = 1;
err = (255 ^ 2) * (blk_size ^ 2);
blk_residual = 255 * ones(blk_size, blk_size);
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% it creates a simple gray image (4x4)
I = [255, 255, 30, 100
255, 50, 90, 20
70, 70, 20, 10
100, 20, 10, 0];
% it converts it to grayscale
I = mat2gray(I);
% shows it


This table shows the current implementation status of several multimedia fomats by popular tools and browsers. All tests were run with the latest available version, or git HEAD for open source software.

Symbols mean

  • fully supported
  • unsupported
  • 💭 work in progress
  • 1️⃣️ see notes


This benchmark evaluates the different presets options offered by x264, using medium as reference, and providing size and time differences (relative and not).

##benchmark Tests run with latest x264 (12139) and FFmpeg, configured to run with threading enabled. The slower and veryslow presets have been modified to keep the number of refs constant and compatible with most decoders. All results represent an average over 10 runs computed by perf.

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<meta charset="utf-8">
<script src=""></script>
<div id="player"></div>