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@leepa leepa/gist:3953484
Created Oct 25, 2012

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<Project Key>-<Issue ID> - Displays information about the ticket (if it exists)
haters - Returns a random haters gonna hate url
hubot (Oh|You) <text> (Please|Tell) <text> - Willy Wonka
hubot <keyword> tweet - Returns a link to a tweet about <keyword>
hubot <text> (SUCCESS|NAILED IT) - Generates success kid with the top caption of <text>
hubot <text> ALL the <things> - Generates ALL THE THINGS
hubot <text> FUCK YOU - Angry Linus
hubot <text> ORLY? - Generates the ORLY? owl with the top caption of <text>
hubot <text> TOO DAMN <high> - Generates THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH guy
hubot <text> you're gonna have a bad time - Bad Time Ski Instructor
hubot ALL YOUR <text> ARE BELONG TO US - Generates Zero Wing with the caption of <text>
hubot I don't always <something> but when i do <text> - Generates The Most Interesting man in the World
hubot Not sure if <text> or <text> - Generates Futurama Fry
hubot Y U NO <text> - Generates the Y U NO GUY with the bottom caption of <text>
hubot Yo dawg <text> so <text> - Generates Yo Dawg
hubot chuck norris -- random Chuck Norris awesomeness
hubot chuck norris me <user> -- let's see how <user> would do as Chuck Norris
hubot cowsay <statement> - Returns a cow that says what you want
hubot good news everyone! <news> - Generates Professor Farnsworth
hubot if <text>, <word that can start a question> <text>? - Generates Philosoraptor
hubot khanify <text> - TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXT!
hubot repo commiters <repo> - shows commiters of repository
hubot repo show <repo> - shows activity of repository
hubot repo top-commiters <repo> - shows top commiters of repository
hubot roll <x>d<y> - roll x dice, each of which has y sides
hubot roll dice - Roll two six-sided dice
hubot save filter <JQL> as <name> - Save JQL as filter in the brain
hubot search for <JQL> - Search JIRA with JQL
hubot show [me] <user/repo> pulls [with <regular expression>] - Shows open pull requests for that project by filtering pull request's title.
hubot show [me] hubot pulls -- Show open pulls for a given user IFF HUBOT_GITHUB_USER configured
hubot show filter <name> - Show a specific filter
hubot show filter(s) - Show all filters
hubot show watchers for <Issue Key> - Shows watchers for the given issue
hubot use filter - Use a filter from the brain
ship it - Display a motivation squirrel
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