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defmodule UselessMacros do
defmacro bar(42) do
quote do
"the answer"
defmacro baz(42) do
quote do
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OCTOBER 18, 2009

Today WiceGrid has reached the next level of maturity and was awarded the tag of version 0.5.

This version of WiceGrid is accompanied by an application called WiceGrid Examples running online and with source code available on GitHub.

Here's a list of changes as compared with version 0.4:


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FEBRUARY 28, 2010

Ruby 1.9.1 was released more than a year ago, but the migration to it has been slow. Looking forward to using the new Fiber class(1, 2), sexier functional syntax, and, of course, enjoying the speed, I decided to move a Rails app that I had started recently, to 1.9.1.

Here are a few tips:

Before you start, consider using Ruby Version Manager (RVM) to manage your Rubies and gems. RVM allows to quickly switch between various Ruby implementations (including such exotic implementations as MagLev), keeping a separate gem set for each interpreter. It even allows you to create your own named gem sets (per project, for example), which I find a very cool feature. If you use Mysql, follow the instruction on how to compile the Mysql gem here: [](

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NOVEMBER 15, 2009

Methods with_scope and with_exclusive_scope in ActiveRecord scope parameters to method calls within the block. They can be nested, and when with_scope blocks are nested, the scope of the inner block is the merge of all the parent scopes:

class Task < ActiveRecord::Base
  class << self 

    def foo
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DECEMBER 30, 2011

Previous posts about Dog FSM, Cat FSM.

Chapter Errors And Processes is closer to the beginning of the book and deals with core Erlang concepts: error propagation and error trapping.

First off, here is what I wrote to better understand the section that starts with words "the results of uncaught throws, errors and exits in neighboring processes":


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DECEMBER 13, 2011

Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good by MononcQc is a really good alternative to the two canonical Erlang Books Erlang Programming by Francesco Cesarini and Simon Thompson and Programming Erlang: Software for a Concurrent World by Joe Armstrong, especially when you need to jump into the language quickly. It gives you enough knowledge to build upon reading other people's code, documentation, and coding.

Things taken for granted by Erlang programmers can be confusing to newcomers to concurrent and functional programming. Needless to say, jumping from, say, C# to Ruby is far less adventurous than from any of the two to Erlang. While reading the book I found out that readability of certain

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JULY 24, 2012

WiceGrid version 3.2.0.pre1 has been released, and the WiceGrid testbed application has been updated.

Here is the changelog:

  1. Support for Prototype has been dropped. No hard feelings, Prototype, no matter what others say, I liked you, and I am perhaps the last one to have dumped you :)
  2. All assets are in the asset pipeline. All javascript is now coffeescript. No more Rails 2 legacy in the form of obtrusive javascript in the HTML page. The styles file is copied to the application asset directory by a generate task so that is it easy to modify it to the application needs. The javascript and images are loaded from the plugin. Read the Installation section in README for details. Thanks to the asset pipeline taking care of loading assets for us, methods include_wice_grid_assets, `names_of_wice_grid_sty
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