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open System
open System.Collections.Generic
open System.Net
open System.Net.Http
open System.Web.Http
open System.Web.Http.Dispatcher
open System.Web.Http.SelfHost
open Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting
open Newtonsoft.Json.Linq
open Newtonsoft.Json.Serialization
lessismore1 / getMimeTypefromString
Created Feb 2, 2019 — forked from jmaciasportela/getMimeTypefromString
Get mimeType from file extension as string
View getMimeTypefromString
//Mime types. Some keys are duplicated.
lessismore1 / ApiModel.hs
Created Apr 2, 2018 — forked from ploeh/ApiModel.hs
Handling a reservation request in Haskell. Proof of concept
View ApiModel.hs
module ApiModel where
import Data.Time (ZonedTime(..), parseTimeM, defaultTimeLocale, iso8601DateFormat)
data ReservationRendition = ReservationRendition
{ rDate :: String
, rName :: String
, rEmail :: String
, rQuantity :: Int }
deriving (Eq, Show, Read)
lessismore1 /
Created Apr 1, 2018 — forked from mrange/
Railway Oriented Programming and F# Result

Railway Oriented Programming and F# Result

Full source:

Option<_> is great for ROP (Railway Oriented Programming) but we get no info on what went wrong (the failure value is None which carries no info).

With the introduction F# 4.1 we got Result<_, _> a "smarter" Option<_> as it allows us to pass a failure value.

However, when one inspects the signature of Result.bind one sees a potential issue for ROP:

lessismore1 / gist:169c41b8c4ff7ed0372b07adc496098d
Created Mar 30, 2018 — forked from theburningmonk/gist:3921623
F# - helper functions to Start and Wait for a plain Task (not Task<T>)
View gist:169c41b8c4ff7ed0372b07adc496098d
open System.Threading.Tasks
module Async =
let inline awaitPlainTask (task: Task) =
// rethrow exception from preceding task if it fauled
let continuation (t : Task) : unit =
match t.IsFaulted with
| true -> raise t.Exception
| arg -> ()
lessismore1 / gist:10d0005baa6cad4ff2873435df008c21
Created Mar 27, 2018 — forked from mausch/gist:3188428
Async exception handling in F#
View gist:10d0005baa6cad4ff2873435df008c21
open System
open System.Net
// exception handling in async using Async.Catch
let fetchAsync (name, url:string) =
async {
let uri = new System.Uri(url)
let webClient = new WebClient()
let! html = Async.Catch (webClient.AsyncDownloadString(uri))
match html with
lessismore1 / SendGridEmail
Created Mar 26, 2018 — forked from jamessdixon/SendGridEmail
Send Grid Email in F#
View SendGridEmail
#r "~/packages/Sendgrid.5.1.0/lib/SendGridMail.dll"
#r "~/packages/SendGrid.SmtpApi.1.2.1/lib/net40/SendGrid.SmtpApi.dll"
open System
open System.Collections.Generic
open System.Net
open System.Net.Mail
open SendGrid
View DU.fs
open Microsoft.FSharp.Reflection
let toString (x:'a) =
match FSharpValue.GetUnionFields(x, typeof<'a>) with
| case, _ -> case.Name
let fromString<'a> (s:string) =
match FSharpType.GetUnionCases typeof<'a> |> Array.filter (fun case -> case.Name = s) with
|[|case|] -> Some(FSharpValue.MakeUnion(case,[||]) :?> 'a)
|_ -> None
lessismore1 / FuncHelper.fs
Created Mar 24, 2018 — forked from chamook/FuncHelper.fs
Convert a C# Func or Action into an F# function
View FuncHelper.fs
open System.Runtime.CompilerServices
type public FSharpFuncUtil =
static member ToFSharpFunc<'a> (func:System.Func<'a>) = fun () -> func.Invoke()
static member ToFSharpFunc<'a,'b> (func:System.Converter<'a,'b>) = fun x -> func.Invoke(x)
View fsharp.records.default_values.fs
// Rather than use [<DefaultValue>], define a default record.
type MyRecord = {
field1 : int
field2 : int
let defaultRecord1 = { field1 = 0; field2 = 0 }
let defaultRecord2 = { field1 = 1; field2 = 25 }
// Use the with keyword to populate only a few chosen fields
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