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vim folding cheatsheet

via (

  • zf#j creates a fold from the cursor down # lines.
  • zf/string creates a fold from the cursor to string .
  • zj moves the cursor to the next fold.
  • zk moves the cursor to the previous fold.
  • zo opens a fold at the cursor.
  • zO opens all folds at the cursor.
  • zm increases the foldlevel by one.
  • zM closes all open folds.
  • zr decreases the foldlevel by one.
  • zR decreases the foldlevel to zero -- all folds will be open.
  • zd deletes the fold at the cursor.
  • zE deletes all folds.
  • [z move to start of open fold.
  • ]z move to end of open fold.
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mofelee commented May 11, 2017

Awesome !

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lutzenburg commented Apr 22, 2018

Great cheat sheet. Thanks!

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ryantuck commented Jul 21, 2020

Great cheat sheet! Discovered one more trick:

  • zc closes current fold

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not-rusty commented Jan 21, 2021

Love it, direct to ny bookmarks

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jgillman commented Jun 2, 2021

This list is missing the critical za! It toggles the fold at the cursor open/closed.

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