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Hush v3 Testnet instructions

Testnet instructions

Beware, this can change at any minute! Current asset name for testnet is HUSHT

git clone
cd hush3
git checkout duke
./zcutil/ -j$(nproc)

# just connect to testnet, no mining
./src/hushd-testnet -addnode=

# to mine with a CPU
./src/hushd-testnet -addnode=
./src/hush-cli-testnet setgenerate true 1

# You can point hushd at an already existing komodod as well, but make sure it's compatible!
KOMODOD=/some/other/komodod ./src/hushd -addnode=  &> hush.log &

Debug log

tail -f hush.log for all stdout/stderr and look at $HOME/.komodo/HUSHT/debug.log for more details


hush-cli getwalletinfo OR komodo-cli -ac_name=HUSHT getinfo

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