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Speeding up your BBB tests
while inotifywait -e modify $1; do
gradle --daemon test

Speeding up and pimping your Gradle tests

You can follow these steps to make your life easier and faster when using gradle to test your projects, I'm using this to hack away in BigBlueButton

  • Setup gradle build to use the daemon, like explained here:

  • Install the package inotify-tools

  • Create the script on your project folder.

  • Run the script included in this gist like this:

    $ sh "srcfolder/ -r"

  • "srcfolder/" should be the path to your code's folder

  • Tests should now running automatically (and quicly!) with each code change


You can user Auto-reload for firefox and configure it to track build/reports/tests/index.html and keep a Firefox window permanently open with the test results.

You're done :)

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