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A psake task for managing assembly versioning in .NET applications
#* Purpose: Sets the full build number ([major].[minor].[build].[revision]) in a consistent global way
#* for all builds. We purposefully only use TeamCity to generate the incrementing [build] number.
#* Set
Task Set-BuildNumber {
$major = "1"
$minor = "0"
#Get buildCounter passed in from TeamCity, if not use zero
$build = "0"
if ($buildCounter -ne "")
$build = $buildCounter
#Set sensible defaults for revision and branchName in case we can't determine them
$revision = "0"
$branchName = "unknown"
#Get SVN/Git revision, if not use zero
#SvnRevision.cs.SimpleTemplate simply contains "$WCREV$ $WCURL$" on one line, without speech marks
exec { & "SubWCRev.exe" "$basePath" "SvnRevision.cs.SimpleTemplate" "SvnRevision.txt" }
if ((Test-Path -path $basePath\SvnRevision.txt ))
#Here we're grabbing the SVN repo URL and determining the branch name to stamp against the AssemblyInformationalVersion of each compiled assembly
$repoInformation = (Get-Content "$basePath\Execview.Web\Properties\SvnRevision.txt" -encoding utf8) -replace "", ""
$repoInformation = $repoInformation -replace "branches/", ""
$repoInformationSplit = $repoInformation -split " "
$splitRevision = $repoInformationSplit[0]
$spiltBranchName = $repoInformationSplit[1]
if ($splitRevision -ne $null -and $splitRevision -ne "")
$revision = $splitRevision
if ($spiltBranchName -ne $null -and $spiltBranchName -ne "")
$branchName = $spiltBranchName
Write-Host "Revision is: $revision"
Write-Host "BranchName is: $branchName"
Write-Host "Unable to establish revision number from SVN, using 0"
#We always set AssemblyVersion to the Major and Minor build numbers only so as to reduce headaches with referencing assemblies.
#See for more details
$assemblyVersion = [string]::Format("{0}.{1}.{2}.{3}", $major, $minor, "0", "0") #AssemblyVersion
$script:buildNumber = [string]::Format("{0}.{1}.{2}.{3}", $major, $minor, $build, $revision) #AssemblyFileVersion
$buildNumberInformational = [string]::Format("{0}.{1}.{2}.{3} ({4})", $major, $minor, $build, $revision, $branchName.ToLower()) #AssemblyInformationalVersion
$newAssemblyVersion = 'AssemblyVersion("' + $assemblyVersion + '")'
$newAssemblyFileVersion = 'AssemblyFileVersion("' + $script:buildNumber + '")'
$newAssemblyInformationalVersion = 'AssemblyInformationalVersion("' + $($buildNumberInformational.ToLower()) + '")'
Write-Host "Assembly versioning set as follows.."
Write-Host "$newAssemblyVersion"
Write-Host "$newAssemblyFileVersion"
Write-Host "$newAssemblyInformationalVersion"
#Could loop through individual AssemblyInfo.cs files here if preferable
(Get-Content "$basePath\Shared\SharedAssemblyInfo.cs" -encoding utf8) |
%{ $_ -replace 'AssemblyVersion\("[0-9]+(\.([0-9]+|\*)){1,3}"\)', $newAssemblyVersion } |
%{ $_ -replace 'AssemblyFileVersion\("[0-9]+(\.([0-9]+|\*)){1,3}"\)', $newAssemblyFileVersion } |
%{ $_ -replace 'AssemblyInformationalVersion\("[0-9]+(\.([0-9]+|\*)){1,3}(( )(\(?)*[a-z]*(\)?))?"\)', $newAssemblyInformationalVersion } | Set-Content "$basePath\Shared\SharedAssemblyInfo.cs" -encoding utf8
#Forces TeamCity to use a specific buildNumber (substituting in its build counter as we only use {0} in the TeamCity build number format
#See for more details
Write-Host "##teamcity[buildNumber '$major.$minor.{build.number}.$revision']"
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