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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Download ta-lib-0.4.0-src.tar.gz and:
if [[ ! -f "ta-lib-0.4.0-src.tar.gz" ]]; then
# untar and cd
if [[ ! -d "ta-lib" ]]; then
tar xvf ta-lib-0.4.0-src.tar.gz
lionelyoung /
Created Mar 28, 2020
Download xml and parse it into org mode for reading. Requires the full content to be in the RSS feed
#!/usr/bin/env python
# Download xml and parse it into org mode for reading
# Requires the full content to be in the RSS feed
import argparse
from lxml import etree
import logging
import os
import requests
import subprocess
import sys
lionelyoung /
Last active Feb 9, 2020 — forked from mauler/
Python3 http.server supporting basic HTTP Auth (username/password)
# Extended python -m http.serve with --username and --password parameters for
# basic auth, based on
# Usage: python -m http_server_auth -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -d .
from functools import partial
from http.server import SimpleHTTPRequestHandler, test
import base64
import os
class AuthHTTPRequestHandler(SimpleHTTPRequestHandler):
lionelyoung /
Last active Jan 21, 2020
update mlfinlab.labeling to use indexes profit taking and stop loss horizontal barriers
def apply_pt_sl_on_t1(close, events, pt_sl, molecule): # pragma: no cover
Snippet 3.2, page 45, Triple Barrier Labeling Method
This function applies the triple-barrier labeling method. It works on a set of
datetime index values (molecule). This allows the program to parallelize the processing.
Mainly it returns a DataFrame of timestamps regarding the time when the first barriers were reached.
:param close: (series) close prices
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Mac Mojave, using Apple Clang
set -e
info () {
printf " [ \033[00;34m..\033[0m ] $1\n"
from qtpylib.algo import Algo
from qtpylib import futures
class DebugPosition(Algo):
def on_start(self):
self.counter = 0
self.counter_at_entry = 0
def on_fill(self, instrument, order):
View easylanguage-mode.obj
;; easylanguage mode
;; too many members for the default specpdlsize
;; still missing some options, processed via
;; #!/bin/sh
;; cat $1 | awk '{ print $1 }' | tr -d ";" | grep = | cut -f1 -d= | sort -u | while read x; do echo -n "\"$x\" "; done
(setq max-specpdl-size 6000)
(define-generic-mode 'easylanguage-mode
;; comments
lionelyoung /
Created Jul 9, 2017
Find a subdirectory name with maxdepth
# Find dir
function finddir () {
# Defaults
# Arg check
if [ "$#" -gt 2 ] || [ "$#" -lt 1 ] ; then
echo "Illegal number of parameters"
lionelyoung / emacs.el
Created Jun 16, 2017
Random Emacs Functions from Pastebin
View emacs.el
(defun user--save-macro (name)
"Save a macro. Take a name as an argument and save the last defined macro under this name."
(interactive "SName of the macro :")
(kmacro-name-last-macro name)
(find-file "~/.emacs.d/macros.el")
(goto-char (point-max))
(insert-kbd-macro name)
lionelyoung /
Created May 6, 2017
Calculate the last trading day given a contract_month
import datetime
from dateutil.relativedelta import relativedelta
import pandas as pd
from pandas.tseries.offsets import BDay
def crude_futures_lasttradingday(contract_month):
"""Trading in the current delivery month shall cease on the third business
day prior to the twenty-fifth calendar day of the month preceding the
delivery month. If the twenty-fifth calendar day of the month is a
non-business day, trading shall cease on the third business day prior to the
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