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VVV Customfile for Hyper-V compatibility
# Hyper-V only overrides
config.vm.provider :hyperv do |v, override|
# Update memory and CPUs to match VVV config.
v.memory = 1024
v.cpus = 1
# Use a Hyper-V compatible base box = "ericmann/trusty64
# Change all the folder to use SMB instead of Virtual Box shares
config.vm.synced_folders.each do |id, options|
if ! options[:type]
options[:type] = "smb"
# SMB does not understand "dmode"/"fmode" in the "mount_options" as those are
# specific to Virtualbox. Furthermore, the normal shared folders need to be replaced
# with SMB shares. Here we switch all the shared folders to us SMB and then override
# the www folder with SMB options that make it VVV compatible.
override.vm.synced_folder "www/", "/srv/www/", :owner => "www-data", :mount_options => ["dir_mode=0775","file_mode=0774","forceuid","noperm","nobrl","mfsymlinks"]
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