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Merb::Config.use do |c|
c[:framework] = { :support => Merb.root/'app'/'support'}
# Sets up a custom session id key which is used for the session persistence
# cookie name. If not specified, defaults to '_session_id'.
c[:session_id_key] = '_sif_session_id'
# The session_secret_key is only required for the cookie session store.
c[:session_secret_key] = '2af3df4fcfd64df54fd0010701fad98f97bee959'
# There are various options here, by default Merb comes with 'cookie',
# 'memory', 'memcache' or 'container'.
# You can of course use your favorite ORM instead:
# 'datamapper', 'sequel' or 'activerecord'.
c[:session_store] = 'cookie'
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