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django + react => new products coming soon

Lokesh Sanapalli lokesh1729

django + react => new products coming soon
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busypeoples / TypeScriptFundamentals.ts
Last active Jun 16, 2020
TypeScript Fundamentals For JavaScript Developers
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// TypeScript Fundamentals For JavaScript Developers
Tutorial for JavaScript Developers wanting to get started with TypeScript.
Thorough walkthrough of all the basic features.
We will go through the basic features to gain a better understanding of the fundamentals.
You can uncomment the features one by one and work through this tutorial.
If you have any questions or feedback please connect via Twitter:
A. Sharif :
bradtraversy /
Last active Jan 15, 2021
Online Resources For Web Developers (No Downloading)
evansde77 /
Last active Nov 2, 2020
Example of mocking requests calls
#!/usr/bin/env python
mocking requests calls
import mock
import unittest
import requests
from requests.exceptions import HTTPError
ursuad /
Last active Jan 8, 2021
Quick command reference for Apache Kafka

Kafka Topics

List existing topics

bin/ --zookeeper localhost:2181 --list

Describe a topic

bin/ --zookeeper localhost:2181 --describe --topic mytopic

Purge a topic

bin/ --zookeeper localhost:2181 --alter --topic mytopic --config

... wait a minute ...

mjsisley / *.html
Last active Jul 24, 2019
Webpack Config for Cookiecutter Django
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{% block css %}
{% if not debug %}
<!-- Currently, the css is included as part of javascript in development-->
<!-- This includes the built css for production (I am currently using Grunt for this) -->
<!-- If ExtractTextPlugin is configured properly, Webpack can handle separate css in development and production -->
jhusain / gist:4b14f5069f3a254cfa0a
Created Apr 19, 2015
Converting event to Observable
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function fromEvent(dom, eventName) {
return {
forEach: function(observer) {
var handler = (e) => {
dom.addEventListener(eventName, handler);
// Subscription
return {
staltz /
Last active Jan 15, 2021
The introduction to Reactive Programming you've been missing
s4553711 / gist:9488399
Created Mar 11, 2014
Some example for subprocess.Popen exception example
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import subprocess
import os
import sys
#res = subprocess.Popen(['ls','-al','/ahome'],stdout=subprocess.PIPE,stderr=subprocess.PIPE);
#output,error = res.communicate()
#if res.returncode:
# #raise Exception(error)
kevin-smets /
Last active Jan 15, 2021
iTerm2 + Oh My Zsh + Solarized color scheme + Source Code Pro Powerline + Font Awesome + [Powerlevel10k] - (macOS)





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