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Created December 1, 2014 01:57
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Setup internal DNS server using DNSMasq on OMV server
# This is for a home network
# My OMV server is:
# I kept DHCP running on my router for simplicity
# Install dnsmasq
apt-get install dnsmasq
# Edit the configuration file
nano /etc/dnsmasq.conf
# append the following to the end - change the "" to the name you want to provide internally
# add additional hosts as additional "address" lines in this configuration
# create the following file
nano /etc/resolv.dnsmasq
# add the following lines
# note these are the DNS servers for OPenDNS. If you are not using openDNS
# add the DNS address of your ISP
# Configurate the DNS setting on your router to in this case
# This will tell the clients on your network to use your newly creaet DNS server for resolving
# names first. This allows you to use the same name both inside and outside your network.
# When inside your network, your DNS server will serve up your private IP address. When outside
# your network, the public DNS servers will continue to work as expected.
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Thank you!!

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