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* Content for job submission (`[submit_job_form]`) shortcode.
* This template can be overridden by copying it to yourtheme/job_manager/job-submit.php.
* @see
* @author Automattic
* @package WP Job Manager
* @category Template
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add_filter( 'job_manager_visibility_admin_job_permalink_max_slug_chars', 'smyles_custom_permalink_max_length', 10, 4 );
add_filter( 'job_manager_visibility_job_permalink_max_slug_chars', 'smyles_custom_permalink_max_length', 10, 4 );
// Un-comment filter below to set custom max length on resume as well
//add_filter( 'job_manager_visibility_admin_resume_permalink_max_slug_chars', 'smyles_custom_permalink_max_length', 10, 4 );
//add_filter( 'job_manager_visibility_resume_permalink_max_slug_chars', 'smyles_custom_permalink_max_length', 10, 4 );
function smyles_custom_permalink_max_length( $length, $meta_key, $field_value, $structure ){
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add_filter( 'field_editor_output_no_wrap_after', 'smyles_output_csv_for_job_category', 10, 6 );
function smyles_output_csv_for_job_category( $separator, $field_slug, $job_id, $field_values, $args, $single_value ){
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// ^ the <?php above should only be in your functions.php file ONCE, at the top
// The filter is field_editor_output_as_value_METAKEY
// where you need to replace METAKEY with the actual meta key you want to filter the output for
// .... as you can see below you can also add multiple filters using the same function.
//add_filter( 'field_editor_output_as_value_METAKEY', 'my_custom_format_value_as_date_format' );
//add_filter( 'field_editor_output_as_value_ANOTHERMETAKEY', 'my_custom_format_value_as_date_format' );
// This example is used for the "job_expires" meta key
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<speak lang="en-US">
Please leave a message.
<record name='example1' />
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* Filters the errors encountered when a new user is being registered.
* The filtered WP_Error object may, for example, contain errors for an invalid
* or existing username or email address. A WP_Error object should always returned,
* but may or may not contain errors.
* If any errors are present in $errors, this will abort the user's registration.
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// This assumes the META KEY for the field is "current_user_role"
add_filter( 'field_editor_auto_populate_current_user_role', 'smyles_auto_populate_set_cur_user_role' );
function smyles_auto_populate_set_cur_user_role( $populate_value ){
if ( is_user_logged_in() ) {
$user = wp_get_current_user();
$role = ( array ) $user->roles;
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add_filter( 'gettext', 'smyles_replace_url_wording_text', 10, 3 );
function smyles_replace_url_wording_text( $translation, $text, $domain ) {
if( $domain === 'wp-job-manager-resumes' ){
if( $text === 'URL' ){ // Add button
$translation = __( 'Languages' );
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add_filter( 'job_manager_emails_email_should_send', 'smyles_only_send_for_featured_listings', 10, 4 );
// You MUST configure the "template name" under the advanced settings area, and set it to "job_expired_featured_only", or
// if you want to use something custom, update the code below to match what you used
function smyles_only_send_for_featured_listings( $should_send, $template, $listing_id, $that ) {
if( $template && $template->template_name && $template->template_name === 'job_expired_featured_only' ){
$is_featured = get_post_meta( $listing_id, '_featured', true );
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// This assumes the meta key is "facebook_group" ... you must change this below if a different meta key
// format for the filter is field_editor_output_as_value_METAKEY
// You MUST set the output as to Value Only (NO HTML)
add_filter( 'field_editor_output_as_value_facebook_group', 'smyles_facebook_group_output_image' );
function smyles_facebook_group_output_image( $value ){
if( empty( $value ) ) {