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#!/usr/bin/env node
tunlr - simple SSH tunnel management
usage: tunlr [options] [command]
-q quiet. suppress console output.
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#jmfe-wrap-METAKEY {
list-style: none;
display: inline-block;
margin-right: 8px;
#jmfe-custom-METAKEY:before {
display: inline-block;
font-family: Ionicons;
speak: none;
View remove-span-tags-from-html.php
$content = '<span style="font-family: helvetica; font-size: 12pt;"><div>asdf</div><span>TWO</span>Business owners are fearful of leading. They would rather follow the leader than embrace a bold move that challenges their confidence. </span>';
$dom = new DOMDocument();
// Use LIBXML for preventing output of doctype, <html>, and <body> tags
$xpath = new DOMXPath($dom);
View image.php
$is_veteran = get_custom_field( 'is_veteran' );
// Assuming the full URL to the image is //
// if the value of the selection is "veteran" then it would form that full URL
if( ! empty( $is_veteran ) ){
echo "<img src=\"//{$is_veteran}.png\"></a>";
View functions.php
// Add your own function to filter the fields
add_filter( 'submit_job_form_fields', 'remove_listify_submit_job_form_fields', 9999999999 );
// This is your function which takes the fields, modifies them, and returns them
// You can see the fields which can be changed here:
function remove_listify_submit_job_form_fields( $fields ) {
if( ! isset( $fields['company'] ) ) return $fields;
View gist:ea0bfa7525c1808e3d0a
// !!! Don't add the <?php above if you're adding this to the end of your functions.php file !!!
add_filter( 'field_editor_auto_populate_candidate_email', 'auto_populate_candidate_email_field' );
function auto_populate_candidate_email_field( $field_value ){
// If field value is already set (means it was pulled from user meta) then return that value
// or if user is not logged in return whatever $field_value is already set as
if( ! empty( $field_value ) || ! is_user_logged_in() ) return $field_value;
View gist:dc063f2d3101f0d5388c
$facebook_url = get_custom_field('fb_lbox_custom');
if( $facebook_url ) echo do_shortcode( '[easy-fb-like-box url="' . $facebook_url . '" width="370" height="430" theme="light" faces="true" header="false" posts="true" border="false"]' );
View functions.php
add_filter( 'submit_job_form_fields', 'heynwa_custom_job_fields', 999999999999 );
function heynwa_custom_job_fields( $fields ) {
if ( isset( $fields[ 'company' ][ 'products' ] ) ){
if( isset( $fields['company']['products']['options'] ) && ! empty( $fields['company']['products']['options'] ) ){
$options = $fields['company']['products']['options'];
// To find out the specific ID of the "products" you can either add &debug to the end of the URL when viewing the company fields
View gist:b61c1cf65103daf7cdca
// Because get_object_terms filter was not included until WP 4.2+ we have to use wp_get_object_terms for backwards compatibility.
// Unfortunately this means taxonomies are passed like this: ( 'resume_category', 'resume_skill' ), so we have to remove the quotes,
// and then use explode to convert it into an array of taxonomies.
$tax_array = explode( ", ", str_replace( "'", "", $taxonomies ) );
View content-job_listing.php
<?php global $post; ?>
<li <?php job_listing_class(); ?> data-longitude="<?php echo esc_attr( $post->geolocation_lat ); ?>" data-latitude="<?php echo esc_attr( $post->geolocation_long ); ?>">
<a href="<?php the_job_permalink(); ?>">
<?php the_company_logo(); ?>
<div class="position">
<!-- This is the Job Title -->
<h3><?php the_title(); ?></h3>
<div class="company">
<?php the_company_name( '<strong>', '</strong> ' ); ?>
<?php the_company_tagline( '<span class="tagline">', '</span>' ); ?>
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