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function smyles_custom_listify_listing_data( $data ) {
// Set price key to value from get_custom_field (if there is a value).
// This will allow you to use {{{ data.price }}} in /templates/tmpl-map-popup.php file
if( $price = get_custom_field( 'price', $data['id'] ) ){
$data[ 'price' ] = $price;
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add_filter( 'facetwp_index_row', 'smyles_facetwp_index_integer_only', 10 );
function smyles_facetwp_index_integer_only( $params ){
if( $params['facet_source'] === 'YOUR_FACET_SLUG' ){
// Use regex preg_replace to remove all non-integers (execpt for .)
$params['facet_value'] = preg_replace("/([^0-9\\.])/i", '', $params['facet_value'] );
# Add bash path to Plex path.
set path = ($path /usr/local/bin)
# Sleep for a pseudorandom period (up to 10 seconds) to limit the number of instances that start at once
sleep `echo $$%10 | bc`
/root/comchap/comcut --ffmpeg=/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg --comskip=/root/comskip/comskip --lockfile=/tmp/comchap.lock --comskip-ini=/usr/local/etc/comskip.ini "$1"
HandBrakeCLI -i "$1" -o "$1".mkv --format mkv --encoder x264 --quality 20 --loose-anamorphic --decomb fast --x264-preset fast --h264-profile high --h264-level 4.1
find /mnt -name "*.ts" -not -path "*/\.*" -delete
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// ^ do not include this, it's only for code highlighting purposes
// Update the method/function in wp-job-manager-field-editor/classes/admin/assets.php with the function/method below
function death_to_sloppy_devs( $hook ){
// Return if not on plugin page, which some devs fail to check!
if ( empty( $hook ) || ( ! empty( $hook ) && ! in_array( $hook, $this->hooks ) ) ) return;
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// ^ do not include this, there should only be one of these at the top of the functions.php file!
// MAKE SURE you remove any configuration created using Field Editor before adding this, goto the field and click "Delete",
// then add this to your child theme's functions.php file
add_filter( 'submit_job_form_fields', 'workscout_frontend_change_job_header_image_to_company', 11 );
function workscout_frontend_change_job_header_image_to_company( $fields ){
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// ^ don't include this, there should ONLY be one of these at the top of your child theme's functions.php file
// Replace any instances of METAKEY with the meta key you want to use this for
add_filter( 'field_editor_output_as_args_METAKEY', 'smyles_customize_METAKEY_args_output', 10, 3 );
function smyles_customize_METAKEY_args_output( $args, $field_value, $listing_id ){
// No need to go further if there isn't a value for METAKEY
if( empty( $field_value ) ){
return $args;
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add_filter( 'job_manager_packages_admin_required_packages_frontend', 'smyles_packages_demo_admin_require_packages' );
function smyles_packages_demo_admin_require_packages(){
return true;
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namespace WP_Gistpen\Register\Assets;
use WP_Gistpen\Model\Language;
* Registers the web assets of the plugin.
* @package WP_Gistpen
* @author James DiGioia <>
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// assuming the non-standard meta key is `job_import_id` (this filter is for Admin Side)
add_filter( 'job_manager_visibility_permalink_get_field_value_job_import_id_is_hidden_meta', 'smyles_job_import_id_permalink_not_hidden' );
function smyles_job_import_id_permalink_not_hidden(){
return false;
// This is for frontend handling
add_filter( 'job_manager_visibility_permalink_frontend_get_field_value_job_import_id', 'smyles_job_import_id_frontend', 10, 4 );
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// This filter handles preventing fatal error from empty value in post_content
add_filter( 'submit_resume_form_save_resume_data', 'submit_listing_allow_empty_resume_content', 99999, 5 );
* Allow empty Resume Content (resume_content) field in WP Job Manager
* If you're using the Field Editor plugin, and want to configure the Resume Content (resume_content meta key) field
* to only show for specific packages, you will need this code to prevent a white screen of death, as the core