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Quick script to change timestamps of files in given directory
* This script changes the timestamps of a series of files in batch. The script will go through all files in
* specified folder, ordering them by name. The first file will be stamped with given start date. The second one will
* be stamped with start date plus 1 second, the third with start date plus 2 seconds, and so on.
* But why? I had a series of photos that I wanted to upload to the cloud and their timestamps did not represent the
* actual date when they were taken. The photos were all taken in the same day and I knew what day was that, so I just
* needed a script to do it in batch for me. Also, files were sequentially named by the digital camera, and although I
* didn't know the exact time of day each photo was taken, I could at least preserve the sequence, that's why I decided
* to stamp each one second after the other, ordered by name.
* # How to use
* Considering you have Node.js already installed, install moment:
* npm install moment
* Constants to set before running:
* Attention: all files in DIRECTORY will have their timestamps changed!
const DIRECTORY = "/path/to/folder";
const START_DATE = "2001-01-01T00:00:00.000Z";
const fs = require("fs");
const path = require("path");
const moment = require("moment");
const date = moment(START_DATE);
// sort files by name (ascending)
const sortedFiles = Array.from(fs.readdirSync(DIRECTORY)).sort((a, b) => {
const al = a.toLocaleLowerCase();
const bl = b.toLocaleLowerCase();
return al.localeCompare(bl);
// iterate through files changing their dates
for (const fileName of sortedFiles) {
const fullName = path.join(DIRECTORY, fileName);
// change file timestamp (both access and modified dates)
const fd = fs.openSync(fullName, "r");
const time = date.toDate();
fs.futimesSync(fd, time, time);
fs.closeSync(fd);`"${fileName}" done`);
date.add(1, "second");
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