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Windows remote desktop access with simultaneous users
General steps:
- download Microsoft Remote Desktop app on client machine (check the Apple store)
- enable remote access on host Windows (window key, type "allow remote access" to find the setting)
- test the connection using the Remote Desktop app. Notice that any current logged in users on the host machine will need to log out
- download [RDP Wrapper]( - I tested with v1.6.2. The msi installer did not work for me (got an error trying to execute it), but the zip worked fine
- unzip, run install.bat
- run the "*conf*.exe" app that comes with the zip
- it should show all green - if it shows a red "[not supported]", continue below
- get the ini file posted by Damasker [here]( As instructed, run `net stop TermService`, replace the ini file in `Program Files/RDP Wrapper`, then `net start TermService`
- check the conf app again - it should be all green now
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