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SSH tunneling quick example

SSH tunneling quick example

General pattern:

ssh bridge-machine -L local-port:destination-machine:destination-port -N

Where bridge-machine is the machine providing an ssh server that will act as a bridge to the destionation-machine. The destionation machine could be, for instance, a database, a Redis server, etc, that is not accessible from your network, but is accessible via another server (the bridge) that you are able to access via SSH.

I always forget which port is the local one is which is the remote. One nice mnemonic is to remember that Left is Local, Right is Remote.

In the end, bridge-machine will be connected to destionation-machine:destination-port and that connection will be exposed in your local port local-port.

-L provides the tunnel configuration, -N tells SSH to not open a terminal. This command will steal your terminal. If you don't want that, use the -f option to tell SHH to run on the background.

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