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The binary format for Fallout 4 PC save files.

Fallout 4 Save File Format

The binary format for Fallout 4 PC save files. This document was created by reverse-engineering files from version of the game.

Note: This document is incomplete!

Table of Contents


Field Name Type Remarks
Magic ID char[12] Always FO4_SAVEGAME
Header Size uint32 The total size (in bytes) of the header
Header header See: Header
Snapshot uint8[Width * Height * 4] An array containing raw pixel data for the thumbnail. The array is stored as 32-bits-per-pixel ARGB.
Format Version uint8 The save file format version (?). Current value is 61
Game Version wstring The game's patch version when the save was created in dot-notation (ex
Plugin Info Size uint32 The total size (in bytes) of the plugin information
Plugins Count uint8 The number of plugins used by this save
Plugins wstring[Plugins Count] Each string is a file name for a .esm or .esp file in the Data directory.


Field Name Type Remarks
Engine Version uint32 The version of Creation Engine that created this file (?). Current value is 11
Save Number uint32 Incremented by 1 each time a game is saved
Character Name wstring
Character Level uint32
Character Location wstring Name of the player's current location
Play Time wstring The amount of time played. Stored as days.y hours.z minutes where x, y, and z are any arbitrary integers. An example of for a character that has played 2 days, 2 hours, and 3 minutes would be 2d.2h.3m.2 days.2 hours.3 minutes
Character Race wstring The internal editor ID of the player's race. Probably always HumanRace
Character Sex uint16 The sex (gender) of the player character. 0 = male, 1 = female
Current Character Experience float32 The current amount of experience the player has attained for progressing to the next level
Required Experience float32 The amount of experience needed to progress to the next level
Filetime FILETIME The real-world time the save file was created
Snapshot Width uint32 The width (in pixels) of the save thumbnail
Snapshot Height uint32 The height (in pixels) of the save thumbnail


Type Name Size (in bytes) Remarks
char 1 An 8-bit character
wstring Variable A wstring is a string prefixed with a uint16 denoting the length, followed by exactly that many characters
uint8 1 An unsigned 8-bit integer
uint16 2 An unsigned 16-bit integer
uint32 4 An unsigned 32-bit integer
float32 4 A single-precision, 32-bit, floating-point number
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