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Created Nov 19, 2012

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NOTE This gist is forked from one compiled by Laurent Bossanti. I've added links to the original tweets.

It's a compilation of all the tweets made about the BritRuby situation before it was announced that the conference was cancelled. In other words, these are the tweets that led to the cancellation.

It may be the case that some tweets were deleted after the fact (one example listed here can't be found anymore), but there's no way of knowing unless someone took screenshots.

Nice speaker lineup for @BritRuby. Except for the 100% white guys part. I don't think adding diversity at the end works. You have to start with it as one of your goals. Who wants to be the token female? Not meaning to single out @BritRuby, just saying I'm disappointed. I know it's a systemic/cultural problem.


By what metric is @BritRuby "one of Europe’s… most diverse Ruby conferences"? Every speaker is a white man.


To an event organiser like myself @BritRuby's line [i.e. "we tried to reach out to non-white dudes but that didn't work"] is 100% bull... that line is getting stale. If you couldn't reach the speakers you haven't made the effort.

(Tweet not surfacing through search)

@BritRuby Are you saying minority speakers can't get in on merit? Plenty of confs have great speaker lineups that are not 100% white guys.

@BritRuby The comment is not unfair. Else why do you think selecting based on merit results in 100% white guys speaking?


Researchers find that blind evals are crucial to avoid unconscious bias. Conf's process, described via email, isn't.


@BritRuby out of curiosity, how many non-white, straight men are helping organize & going through talk submissions?


Cringing reading @BritRuby say it’s difficult to find good willing European, female or minority speakers “after months of trying” - because it’s defensive, and bullshit - BritRuby clearly didn't look hard enough.


lol...gee our logo is a moustache and we don't know why we don't seem to hear from women #firstimpressions


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